2018 League of Legends World Championship Draw Results

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2018 League of Legends World Championship Draw Results

Last weekend, the 2018 League of Legends World Championship group draws results have been brought to light.

Let’s start with an explanation of how the competition will play out in the following weeks.

This year the League of Legends World Championship is coming to South Korea and here is the layout of the tournament. Twenty four teams will converge in battle on the Fields of Justice during three stages of the Worlds: Play-In, Group and Knockout stages.

The battle will start with the Play-In stage, where 12 teams will face each other in different groups, in Seoul. Here, 8 top seeds from Brazil, the Commonwealth from the Independent States, Japan, North and South Latin America, Oceania, Turkey and Southeast Asia, along with the number three seeds from China, Europe, North America and the LMS, will form a pool of 4 groups with three teams in each. They will be playing the Best of One Double Round-Robin to find 2 best teams, which will be promoted to the Play-In Knockout. There, the first and second seed of this stage will be randomly paired together and compete with each other in the Best of Five to determine the 4 winners passing on to the Group Stage.

The Group Stage will take place in the Busan and will meet us with 12 new teams. Here, the tournament will join three Korean teams, top two seeds from China, Europe, North America and LMS, as well as the top seed from Vietnam. These 16 teams will shape in 4 groups and compete in the Best of One Double Round-Robin. The best two teams from each group will achieve the Knockout stage.

The last stage will be held in the format of Bo5 with the remaining 8 best teams in the world.

Now, it’s time to know the results of the draw 2018 for the Play-In stage

The most consistent team of the LPL Edward Gaming, who appeared on Worlds four times before, are taking their spot in the Group A of the Play-In stage. They will be joined by Infinity eSports from ELA LAN and Dire Wolves from Oceania.

The headliner of the Group B is, European 3rd seed team and four-time EU LCS Champions, G2 eSports. Aside from G2, this group will enter Bahçeşehir Supermassive from Turkey and Ascension Gaming from Southeast Asia.

At the top of Group C will be Cloud 9, A North America’s team, which climbed from the last place in the summer to the 3rd seed of the region, with a seven men roaster. KaBuM! Esports from CBLoL and DetonatioN FocusMe from Japan will be joining Group C.

Finally, Group D will be topping the LMS 3rd seen G-REX, with a former Samsung Galaxy botlaner- Stitch. Alongside G-REX will be Gambit Esports from the CIS and Kaos Latin Gamers from CLS.

Only four of these teams will succeed to join to the next stage, where they will compete their opponents.

12 teams on the Group Stage are waiting for the last four rivals.

In the Group A Flash Wolves, known as “Korean Slayers” will be meeting Afreeca Freecs and Phong Vũ Buffalo. For the last two teams, it will be a first-ever appearance on the World Championship.

Group B will hold a highly intense degree between RNG,  Gen.G and Team Vitality. Interesting fact, it’s the third time in a row when RNG meets Gen.G in the International Stage. With a Korean Superstar-ADC Uzi will be really hard to conquer. It seems extremely challenging for Vitality to show what they are made of in the unofficial group of Death.

The LCK Summer Finals champions, kt Rolster will meet their Rift Rivals opponent MAD Team. The last one for entering this group became a North America Spring and Summer Champions Team Liquid in the  Group C.

A group with no Korean teams, Group D will be topping by Fnatic. The traditional Spring and Summer EU LCS champions will be bringing their baby-Faker midlaner Caps. 100 Thieves, a North America team, will join this group in Worlds in their first year of existence. Finally,  Invictus Gaming, a team whose true desire is to meet their opponents from the regular season, who took their Summer Split win in hard-tied Best-of-Five games - RNG

2018 LoL World Championships Play-In Stage Draws:

Group A - EDG, Infinity Esports, Dire Wolves
Group B - G2 Esports, SuperMassive, Ascension Gaming
Group C - C9, KaBuM! Esports, DetonatioN
Group D - G-Rex, Gambit Gaming, Kaos Latin Gamers

2018 LoL World Championships Group Stage Draws:

Group A - Flash Wolves, Afreeca Freecs, Phong Vũ Buffalo
Group B - RNG, Gen.G, Team Vitality
Group C - kt Rolster, MAD Team, Team Liquid
Group D - Fnatic, 100 Thieves, IG

The Worlds will start on October first with a battle between EDG and Infinity Esports. Don’t miss it!

Twenty four teams. Only one winner. Who will it be?

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