12 things about TFT to help you win

Jul 11 2019 6 min read

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Teamfight Tactics is a great and fun autobattler, where you won't spend much time playing a match and there's a decent comeback system. We've already made a series of guides on this game, but now it's the time for you to get acquainted with some of, well, let's say hints and tips of the game which may help you to succeed. 

Money is the answer

In Teamfight Tactics, the gameplay is based around gold: purchasing characters, upgrading them, buying items and re-roll the dice. So, farming and enriching is a kind of a subgoal here. Get as much as you can and you'll probably win! Quite obvious, but here's a hint.

You will get more gold when you have less gold. Yep, that's how it works and it's called interest. Sure, it has a specific mechanics so no one can abuse it or get too much gold. See, you only get one extra coin for every 10 you have and up to five (can't be more). Thus, 2 coins if you have 20 gold, 3 gold if 30, 4 for 40 and 5 for 50. But! Once you hit 60 gold, you won't get more than 5 per round. So just try staying at this level. 

By the way, take a look at the left part of the screen to understand how much money will you make. Or near the bottom at the centre of the screen — point the mouse there. Moreover, you can see how much your opponents are earning too. That works for planning. 

Keep in mind the comeback mechanics

Don't panic when you are losing: the lower you place, the more money you get in Teamfight Tactics. Want to abuse it? Be careful. You receive bonus gold for either the winning and the losing streaks, and it might seem easier to follow the latter in TFT (as in any other autobattler), but the risks are too high. You are trading you HP for coins. If you handle it well, you'll succeed. But if you won't — gg wp. 


Items could be game-changing

Don't forget to place your heroes, as when the round starts, you won't be able to move them. It should work in the same way for items, you may think. But that's not true: you can use, drag and drop your items while your figures are fighting. This is how they do in Teamfight Tactics. Equipping items will immediately provide your characters with bonus effects, so if your important champion is at the edge of death, +200 HP will save him, wouldn't you agree?

This is made for the players who have forgotten to equip before the start of the round, but it also can turn the game upside down. Your tank is having troubles, but your range champion is free of danger — re-equip him with additional damage items as fast as you can. Sounds great. 

Don't underestimate Assassins 

You can calculate all the passive bonuses and effects of your team's synergies, but don't forget that Assassins jump to the opposite side of the board from the place you've put them. So they have a huge counterattacking potential and can easily kill the enemy's ranged damage dealers. 

Move the figures

It's better to use different placing each round, as the unpredictability and countering the Assassins like this might as well be very handy. Get your damaging range champions to the front (or sides) and let your enemy fight with the tanks at first. And if you have guessed right, your well-placed champion can get rid of all the enemy's Assassins at your back. Plan wisely! Making mistakes can cost you. Remember, when your champions are travelling through the cells, they don't regen mana and cooldown is not working. 

Combining is better than focusing

Having six champions who can reap out the whole enemy team with critical damage is cool, but combining smaller bonuses and effects works better in Teamfight Tactics. Besides, some of the classes have a bit strange mechanics: Ninjas combine if there are either one or four of them on the board. Heal + Armor + Damage + DoTs would work better, as it is the team (group) of fighters who win games, not the copies. And you'll have a bigger chance against the opponents, as you never know who will you challenge next. 

Rare champions are OP

You should understand that in Teamfight Tactics not all the heroes are medially balanced. There are some OP champions, but you just won't get a lot of them thanks to the rarity system. And they cost more. But they're way stronger. Take Miss Fortune: five gold, but huge AoE damage. But don't get too hyped: a crowd of weaker heroes can beat the hell out of a pair of OP heroes. So it's better to combine your pool with more common champions and more rare ones.


You can lock things in the shop

If you see an item you want to purchase but you don't have enough gold at the moment, you can click on the very tiny icon on the left side of your champion selection screen, it looks like a padlock. Doing so will lock the item/champion and you will be able to buy one in the next round.

Think twice before levelling

Levelling for sure is a very important part of Teamfight Tactics. Levelling means you can place another figure on the board. It works like this: level two gives you two heroes, level three gives you three, etc. At the start of the game, you won't really need it as you get 1 XP per round and that helps. But then, it will be almost impossible to level up without spending coins, as the cost of XP raises unbelievably quick.  Click on your icon on the left side of the screen to level up. 

Consequently, the bench is very important. At the start of the match, you won't need it really, but in the late game, it can decide fates. Having a champion or two on your bench to quickly upgrade those you already have or just to save the situation is necessary. But don't forget to have free space just in case. 

Stun 'em!

The real OP meta in Teamfight Tactics are stuns. Whatever Riot Games were doing, since the start of the game, there's no better mechanic than to have a lot of stuns. You can also have the disables, though. So once planning your line up, make sure to have at least one champions who can stun or disable your opponent's figure(s). Glaciers work great. 


Money changes hands

Economics stays the same everywhere. Saving up a lot of money will do good, but investing it right is better. And it will provide you with more gold. Keep up around 50 gold per round in the late game, but don't be too greedy to upgrade the units when you feel the lack of your line up's power. Just a tiny mistake can cost you a lot more than spending some on another champion to make him 2 or 3 starred. 

If you chose the "let them beat me up, I'll get more insurance money" tactics, try tuning in to the game when you have less than 50% of HP and no less than 25%. Start with mid-rarity champions, upgrade them, equip them, turn the game, purchase some Tier 5 heroes, build your play around them and, eventually, win! 

Don't give up, soldier!

Teamfight Tactics differs from other autobattlers with its pace. The board is smaller, the gameplay is faster. Don't get scared that much at the start, we assure you: the game is amazing! 

If you think that you are not doing it right when the early game turns into a huge mess, remember: it's okay. Beating creeps or having troubles while defending. It happens to everyone on every level. Get yourself a couple of champions. Than more. Autobattlers feel like a snowball, just keep trying and you'll make it. the luck will turn to you at some point. Remember the comeback system, remember what we've already told you — and you'll be fine. The most important thing is to keep playing according to your plan and not let your head drown in chaos.

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