12 new items coming to Teamfight Tactics in patch 9.18

Aug 28 2019 3 min read

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Good things are coming to Teamfight Tactics in the form of 12 new items, the first to be added to the game since its release. 

They're currently available on the Public Beta Environment and if all goes well, will be up on the live servers with patch 9.18 which arrives in two weeks. Here's a look at what they do:

Sparring Gloves

This is an item component which isn't really special on its own, but when combined with any other item components, it will turn into one of nine items. It provides the wearer with a +10% chance to dodge attacks and a 10% increase in landing critical strikes. If the finished item is offensive, the stats shift to +20% critical strike and if defensive, it shifts to +20% Dodge.

Thief's Gloves

This is made from combining Sparring Gloves + Sparring Gloves. Equipping it prevents the champion from wearing any other items but also adds two random items to the champion's inventory at the start of a round. The items scale with the player's level and they disappear at the end of the round. 

Hand of Justice

Made from the combination of Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Goddess, it grants the champion wearing it either a 40% increase in damage output or heals 40 life points when hitting an enemy. RNG determines which you get but you will know which one you end up with in the planning phase. 

Arcane Gauntlet

This item is acquired by combining Sparring Gloves + Needlessly Large Rod. Upon wearing it, your abilities are given the chance to deliver a critical strike but the exact odds aren't known. 


A combination of Sparring Gloves + Negatron Cloak will create Quicksilver, which allows its wearer to dodge the next crowd-control ability sent their way. It isn't a one time effect but it does have a five second reset during combat. 

Iceborne Gauntlet

This is made from combining Sparring Gloves + Chain Vest. Iceborne Gauntlet reduces the attack speed of enemies by 30% after dodging an attack. 


Combining Sparring Gloves + Giant's Belt will result in Backhand, an item which grants the wearer a spell shield that makes them immune to the first damage they receive. The champion that breaks the shield is then stunned for a length of time. 

Repeating Crossbow

This item is made by combining Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow. Besides providing wearers with increased attack speed, dodge chance and chance to land a critical strike which are acquired from its component items. It also has an added effect when the champion dies,which sees it jump to an ally who receives a stackable +20% dodge and +20% critical strike chance. 


This is made from combining Sparring Gloves + Golden Spatula, which turns the champion into a Yordle. It also grants +10% dodge and critical strike chance, in addition to the bonus Sparring Gloves provides. 

Infinity Edge

This is made from a combination of Sparring Gloves + B.F. Sword. However, once patch 9.18 hits the live servers, different items will be required to make it, but the effect will stay the same. 

Lord's Edge

This takes the place of Infinity Edge and can be made by combining B.F. Sword + B.F. Sword. It won't allow champions to wear any other items but after defeating an enemy champion, the wearer is granted a B.F. Sword for the rest of the combat phase. What's more, you can keep repeating the effect. 

Last Whisper

This replaces Sword of the Divine it is crafted by combining B.F. Sword + Recurve Bow. It deals true damage to enemies that is equal to 5% of the target's maximum health. Attacks from the wearer also can't be dodged. 

Neeko's Help

This is the first consumable to come to TFT which spawns a level 1 version of the champion it's given to. If there's no space on the bench for the created copy, the effect won't trigger and Neeko's Help will return itself to the item inventory.


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