100 Thieves drops its Apex Legends roster

Aug 28 2019 2 min read

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100 Thieves announced that it has dropped its Apex Legends roster. The news is most likely due to the team's inability to secure any major success since it was created. 

100 Thieves was one of the first teams to form an Apex Legends roster. Connor “Gigz” White was the first player it signed just weeks after the game's release in February. This was followed shortly by Justin “Teenage” Phipps and Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik, while Justin “JP2” Pate was later signed in April. 

During the months that followed, the team was unable to make any top finishes. It took 10th place in the eight week FACEIT Pro Series and has seen similar results in other tournaments too. EA and Respawn recently announced the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational last month which will have 80 teams in attendance, competing for a $500,000 prize pool in Poland from September 13-15. It would have made the ideal stage for a last stand for the team but that won't be so anymore. 

Apex Legends is still yet to create a structured esports league but the Preseason Invitational is a good sign that the developers are taking the competitive scene seriously. A number of community events have also been springing up, showing healthy signs of interest and growth. 

Gigz is also a content creator that plays Destiny 2 as well as Apex Legends, so it makes sense that he wasn't let go with the others. Whether 100 Thieves will eventually try again with the game or give up on it entirely remains to be seen. 


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