10 games in the World War II setting

May 09 2019 8 min read

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74 years ago on the night of May 8, 1945, the German command signed the act of unconditional surrender as a result of the Soviet army offensive against Berlin. Military parades and festive salutes are held in many countries on Victory Day - May 9 each year. They commemorate the fallen and honor the veterans of WWII.

We present a collection of games in the theme of World War II. Spend this day in memory of the past tragic events, but in the style of a gamer - you might want to remember the old favourite games and feel nostalgic one evening.

Call of Duty 2

The game was a continuation of the Call of Duty shooter released in 2003 from the Infinity Ward studio. As in the first part of the series, the player acts as one of the soldiers of the Soviet, American and British armies, leading combat operations against the German troops. In the Soviet campaign, the player takes part in the battle for Stalingrad, in the British - in operations in North Africa and in the fight for Caen, and the American campaign tells the story of the landing in Normandy and crossing the Rhine.

Call of Duty 2 has huge, inhuman scale energy, thanks to which you will replay difficult moments over and over again, rush to the most dangerous embrasures with the persistence and every minute show the wonders of courage and heroism. The secret of this game is that you can hardly find another equal adrenaline, dynamic and at the same time very tough shooter.

Company of Heroes

The game is an excellent tactical strategy from the company Relic Entertainment. The player commands a limited American troop in Normandy in 1944, from mission to mission, inevitably defeating the fascists and seizing all new areas of territory. 

The remarkable balance of units allows you to use them for effective attack and defence positions organically. Company of Heroes is not alien to the elements of realism - for example, the local American Sherman is not able to penetrate the armour of the Tiger.

Unfortunately, the second part of the successful game, which was released after 7 years, has a devastating rating.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Medal of Honor series of the games consists of 16 copies and all of them - about the war. We will highlight only a couple of the games that have received high ratings from both critics and players. For example, Allied Assault has 8.6 on Metacritic.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2015, Inc. It was released for Microsoft Windows on January 22, 2002, in North America and on February 15, 2002, in Europe.

You take on the role of Lt. Mike Powell who works for the Office of Strategic Services. The missions include assaulting German bases in Algiers and Norway, storming Omaha Beach on D-Day, and rescuing comrades behind enemy lines in occupied France. https://youtu.be/10k6MUd_bn8

The game's levels are often compared to Steven Spielberg's 1998 film Saving Private Ryan. Many of the levels are direct quotations of the scenery (or even complete sequences as in the Omaha Beach mission) in the movie. 

Medal of Honor: Airborne

The game was the continuation of the famous series of cinematic shooters on the theme of the Second World War. The game is loyal to the chosen topic: the players are waiting for a "trip" to 1943, where the story of Private Boyd Travers from the 82nd Airborne Division of the US Army begins. 

Five missions in Italy, Normandy, Germany and Sicilia became a testing ground for running in a new system (in 2007) for constructing the game world. It was called "emergent gameplay": instead of triggers and scripts, freedom and the AI ability to flexibly adapt to the current situation. Computer-led fighters could independently adjust their behaviour, choose a target, and carry out local operations to capture/hold one or another point.

Hidden & Dangerous 2

Tactical shooter 2003, dedicated to the Second World War, developed by Illusion Softworks and released by Gathering of Developers and Take-Two Interactive. Unlike its predecessor, Hidden & Dangerous, the main game has an only single-player regime. However, there are separate maps for multiplayer games.

The player, controlling a team of 4 soldiers from the British Special Aviation Service (SAS) during World War II, must conduct a series of military operations in the enemy’s disposition. The game takes place in various locations, from Burma to Norway.

The focus of the game was on realistic gameplay and life design locations. Weapons and vehicles worked out in details. The game had a very realistic physics (for those times) of the objects’ actions, for example, bullets were capable of rebounding from the walls, punching wooden doors and other obstacles.

Battlefield 1942

You may ask us - why is this game about WWII in this collection, and not the recent Battlefield V? Go to  Metacritic and the question will disappear.

We couldn’t ignore the series of Battlefield games, which have both an army of supporters and an army of opponents. Battlefield 1942 was a truly revolutionary project in 2002. None of the military shooters of that time was so voluminous and impressive: ground battles, tactics in the units, a clear division of responsibilities, fighting with the participation of the military equipment and attention to historical details. All this on a reference graphics engine and accompanied by orchestral military music.

Battlefield 1942 is called the best project in the series along with Battlefield Vietnam. The game came out more thoughtful than its heirs - the player must not only shoot accurately but also be able to make decisions within the squad quickly. Each corner of the map is a separate exchange of fire with its own conditions.

Battlefield 1942 still has a lot of fans, some even try to recreate the game, adapting to current requirements.

Sniper Elite and Sniper Elite 4

We decided to combine both games at one point since they both deserve your attention equally.

Sniper Elite is a first-person shooter where players will be on the role of a sniper from the Second World War and go to the numerous cities of Europe in the last years of the war. The protagonist must sneak into the camp of a demoralized enemy who is preparing a terrible surprise for the allied forces - the world's first nuclear bomb, capable of exploding in a European city. 

Interestingly, the original storyline implied the protection of German scientists' nuclear research from Soviet soldiers. Your main task is to find and eliminate all the scientists involved in the project to build German atomic weapons, to eliminate the threat of nuclear collapse.

Sniper Elite 4, the events of which take place in Italy, allows you to plan the adventures of the hero behind enemy lines tactically. The game remains the same at its core. The hero has several tasks in each mission. Part of it is marked as required, part of them - optional.

With the fourth attempt, Rebellion managed to create an almost perfect game about a sniper from World War II. Sniper Elite 4 has a lot to do: a variety of tasks, the ability to reinvent your way of passing ... finally, it's just fun to shoot here. The developers took into account the mistakes of the past and gave a decent result. Fans of shooting a sniper rifle and fans of the series will be enjoyed - even novices won't leave deprived.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

An adventure game in the genre of a fantastic first-person shooter. The game events take place in the alternate 1960, where national socialism won in World War II. The main hero of the game is BJ Blazkowicz, who spent more than ten years in a coma after an unsuccessful attempt by the Allies to attack the German fortress of General Skull. Blazkowicz, after recovering, learns that the world has changed, and decides to join the Resistance, whose goal is to overthrow the new world order.

The New Order is a classic first-person shooter, where there was no automatic regeneration of health and shelters. Blazkowicz runs through the levels, shooting the Nazis with two hands of different types of weapons, or passing the levels covertly, throwing knives and killing opponents quietly in melee combat. The game also has a pumping system, where players can enhance Blazkowicz’ various indicators, performing different actions in the battle. Wolfenstein series of games has a high rating on Metacritic.

War Thunder

An online war game dedicated to combating aircraft, armoured vehicles and fleets from the Second World War. The player will take part in significant battles on all fronts of hostilities. Initially, the game was called World of Planes, but then the name was changed because of the desire to add not only air technology to the game.

There are many nations in the game, among which the original military equipment of the Second World War period is distributed. Developers regularly change branches, changing and supplementing them, as well as introducing wholly new or recycled technology trees into the game. There are many game modes available for players, among which there are fights not only with other players but also with AI. Special promotions are held in the game, and developers give out prizes for loyal fans on the 9th of May each year.

World of Tanks

Multiplayer online game in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the Second World War historical setting. The game features several countries - parties to the conflict, namely the USSR, Germany, USA, France, China, Japan and the United Kingdom. Players fight the battles of 15x15 players in several different modes, the essence of most of which comes down to the destruction of all enemy tanks. Tanks from opposing states, in reality, can appear in the World of Tanks battles on the same side of the conflict, and even tanks that haven't been officially launched.

Great importance in World of Tanks is given to the historical authenticity of combat vehicles. This concerns their appearance, close to the realistic armour, the location of internal and external units and the crew. However, WoT is not a full-fledged simulator, and therefore many values — such as ballistics, the speed of movement of tanks and their survivability — are not based on real parameters of similar combat units, but adapted to playability and comfort.

You can either love this game or hate it, but you can't argue that it is trendy and still has a lot of loyal fans.

Our collection of games with the WWII theme has come to an end. If you have not found your favorite game among those indicated by us - be sure to write about it in the comments.

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