WePlay bets: tournaments WP

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WePlay bets: tournaments WP

WePlay.TV portal is not standing at one place and is constantly striving to reach the new heights.

Since September 16, we started to accrue 10 WP every day to all our registered users, but it’s only the beginning of our journey. Starting from September 27, we accrue WP to the players for their participation in the tournaments and for winning in the matches.

Bonus 15 Virtual Points will be awarded to players for each tournament, you just need to take part in at least one match. Accrual will be carried out no matter whether the team wins or not, WP will not be awarded only in case of a technical loss/victory.

WePlay bets: tournaments WP

Also players will be awarded with the additional 10 WP for each victory in a match. Bonus Virtual Points will be accrued only to those players who were in the first lineup. It means that, if your team consists of 10 persons, but it participated in 3х3 tournament, bonuses will be accrued only to the players which were announced in the first lineup for this tournament.

We would like to notice that we will organize special tournaments, in which players also could receive bonus WP for passing certain stages in the tournament grid. More detailed information will be specified in the regulations of the tournament.

Information about Virtual Points and the ways of their spending you can find here.

xxooppoow29 september 2013 09:03 CET
за этот турнир ВП зачислялись? http://weplay.tv/all/tournament/index/728-WePlay_WoT_EveningCup3h3_104

Hipi29 september 2013 11:48 CET
Да начислялось. И Вам в том числе :)

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