Сossacks 3. Classic RTS with support mods and will be available on Steam

We spoke with Valentine Yeltyshev, company’s PR and marketing director, and found out what the company can boast for today, and some details about the new game.

0 05 october 2015



  • 11.08.2015 WePlay LoL Cup RU (2x2) #264
  • 15.08.2015 WePlay CW Cup#37 (5x5 TE Standart)
  • 16.08.2015 WePlay CW Cup#38 (5x5 TE Hardcore)
  • 22.08.2015 WePlay CW Cup#39 (5x5 TE Standart)
  • 23.08.2015 WePlay CW Cup#40 (5x5 TE Hardcore)

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